Verslag Dam tot Damloop

Geplaatst op 11-10-2023  -  Categorie: Verslagen

Being almost 1 year at ING in the Netherlands after a relocation, joining the running Team was high on the list and I am glad it finally happened, my first run being the Dam tot Damloop 2023. A 10-mile race from Amsterdam to Zaandam. 

More about the ING runner Team before diving into the run, there are about 90 runners who take part in a number of events each year. As Team members, the participation to those event is generally free. For each run, everyone runs its own race. As a new ING joiner, it is a great way to connect with new colleagues.

For this Dam tot Damloop 2023, ING had 2 Teams, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was part of the one in the morning with about 10 other runners. Pre run was wet and there were some heavy rains although the race itself was rather dry, always better when it gets warmer as you run. My impressions of the run are super positive, a very nice path to discover new places, the crowd was also pretty nice. As it is a few weeks before the Amsterdam Marathon, it is an excellent warm up.

Runners of all goals, I would highly recommend you to get involved in the ING running Team and I hope to see you at one of the event.