Verslag Olympisch Stadionloop 2022

Geplaatst op 26-11-2022  -  Categorie: Verslagen

20221113-123408-resizedThe Olympic Stadiumloop was the last run in the Rondje Mokum circuit (and the first one for me within the ING runners group). It is a 10km loop around bosbaan that starts and ends on the tracks in the Olympic Stadium. My Dutch coach Jan summarized perfectly: "het was weer een mooi gezicht de stadionloop, vooral eerst de frisse koppies en bij de tweede passage de wat minder firsse koppies". Trying to impress my new colleagues I did a personal best. Overall, everyone did very well since ING got both 1st and 2nd place at teams level. The atmosphere was great both on track and after the run when we all celebrated at a nearby location ( but that part is for another post). I am looking forward to my next event with ING runners: De Bruggenloop Rotterdam